Disposable Stylus by LyfeStylus | 9 Uses For Your Daily Life

Using a disposable stylus or touchscreen stylus like LyfeStylus can help you avoid viruses like covid-19 and stay healthy during cold and flu season. Touchscreens have been found to be ideal hosts for viruses and bacteria to live on for days. the high rate of contact that public touchscreens receive, along with how difficult it is to clean these machines, make touchscreen surfaces worrisome for any individual who is trying to avoid getting sick. Here are some key places you’ll want to be sure to have your LyfeStylus disposable stylus ready to use, especially during cold and flu season!

1. The ATM

The first place you want to be sure to have your LyfeStylus Disposable Stylus ready to use is At the ATM.

Using LyfeStylus Disposable Stylus to make your selections will save you from days with the sniffles or potentially worse. ATM’s are notorious for being unmonitored and frequently used. This is a recipe for viruses, bacteria, and dirt to accumulate on the touchscreen surface without being cleaned for days. Touchscreens are the ideal host for viruses and bacteria to live for multiple days. Every person that has used that ATM before you has made their own contribution to the slew of bacteria and viruses on that screen and keypad. Especially during cold and flu season– avoid that!

2. At a Self-Checkout

The Self-Checkout station has saved us all valuable time since their recent emergence at grocery stores and restaurants, but you better be ready with your LyfeStylus Disposable stylus when it’s your turn to checkout.

The fact that these stations are self-serve and fast make them efficient, but this also means they are used by more people. At any given moment these touchscreens and surfaces are laden with viruses and bacteria from hundreds of people touching them each day. A recent study found that more enteric (gut) bacteria was found on grocery store touchscreens than on hospital touchscreens!* Use your single-use touchscreen stylus to avoid touching these surfaces directly!

3. Paying With Your Credit Card

paying at a Credit card reader is another quick action that you may not think twice about, but these keypads and tiny touchscreens are infrequently cleaned. Using your disposable stylus instead of their attached touchscreen stylus is a quick-thinking decision you want to make!

You may not realize that the tiny touchscreen on that credit card reader is truly a touchscreen. This little screen, however, hosts just the same viruses and bacteria and is often cleaned far less frequently. To avoid catching a cold during the dreaded cold and flu season use LyfeStylus on these tiny machines, as well.

4. Self-Order Kiosk

Use your disposable stylus at restaurants! A self-order kiosk at a fast-food restaurant is just as bad as A self-checkout station.

The touchscreen of a self-order kiosk can be one of the dirtiest things you touch all day. Most of the bacteria found on surfaces like this is the kind of bacteria found in the mouth, nose, gut, and feces. It’s the result of all-too-common poor hand hygiene! People don’t wash their hands enough, but you don’t have to share that with them. Use your LyfeStylus disposable stylus when selecting your next meal and avoid all THAT.

5. Point of Sale System

The same goes for that iPad/tablet you pay on for your favorite latte at the Local coffee shop. a Disposable stylus is your saving grace at these high-traffic payment tablets.

You may have touchless payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or some other type of Mobile Pay to avoid shared contact. Even with this new technology you still have to select whether you want to tip your barista or take a receipt…and if you’re planning on frequenting this local spot, I recommend you tip!

Coffee shops are the kind of spots that can bring in an impressive amount of people in the few “on-my-way-to-work” morning hours. With that many people in and out, there’s no time for cleaning a touchscreen. Not to mention how many people are touching that screen, including the employee who is in contact with everyone. Using a disposable stylus can help you enjoy that latte worry free, even in the midst of cold and flu season.

6. Paying at a Public Parking Meter

Paying at a public meter without a disposable stylus could be the the most cringe-worthy part of your day. Cold and flu season or not, these little meters get touched all day, every day, by everyone!

Whether you’re paying at a shared public parking station or at your own parking meter, it’s been a long time since that keypad has been wiped down! Just like the ATM, any publicly shared surfaces are going to be dirty and contaminated. At this point, LyfeStylus is no longer just a touchscreen stylus. It’s become your handy disposable stylus used for anything you don’t want to touch!

7. An Airport Kiosk

you’re going to want to get your disposable stylus out just to read this! A recent study found that self check-in kiosks at the airport had the largest collection of bacteria most likely to make you sick– worse than the toilets*..

Airports are busy places. People from all over the world are running in and out, using public bathrooms, eating on the run, and it’s not always hygienic. It may not be cold and flu season where you’re coming from, but it could be for the person who just checked in on your kiosk ten minutes before you. Whatever cold they may be fighting, you’ll soon be fighting too! Use your touchscreen stylus on these high-traffic public machines.

8. Refilling Your Public Transit Card

Another high-traffic public space is the public transit station. While public transit is efficient, you should be careful about the surfaces you touch. use a disposable stylus where necessary.

Bacteria and viruses can live longer on touchscreens than many other surfaces. That refill station for your transit card could be more worrisome than the train itself. Be sure to use your LyfeStylus disposable touchscreen stylus when using public touchscreens and keypads like this.

9. Other Public Surfaces

Although Touchscreens are great hosts for bacteria and viruses, they aren’t the only surfaces we should be careful about touching. Other public surfaces that aren’t often cleaned can also be good reasons to pull out your LyfeStylus Disposable Stylus.

Keypads or buttons that are heavily trafficked, but not often wiped down are worrisome. Doorbells, vending machines, and elevator buttons are a few of these surfaces that should be touched with caution. These surfaces that aren’t regularly monitored are usually not regularly cleaned, so touching them shouldn’t be taken lightly!

*Find all referenced facts on our Follow The Science page.